Auditory Regulators

Auditory Regulators come in multiple interchangeable ear tip sizes (S, M, L) for children (age 2+) and adults.

On close setting SNR 14dB 

In this mode, keep sound at a safe level. Increases clarity, filters specific frequencies to retain/balance sound quality. Helps to block out background noise without distorting or lowering voices so that it is still possible to listen without the distraction of background noise. Ideal for children with language processing issues or children who are easily distracted by background noises especially in the classroom without blocking out voices e.g. teacher. Various sounds can provoke unpleasant sensory experiences in children especially loud and unexpected sounds such as fire alarms, toilet flushes/hand dryer in public restrooms, hoover, dogs barking or clapping. The closed setting also enables adults to hear better if distracted or for those with poor hearing in noisy settings. These high-fidelity Aditory Regulators are also ideal for musicians as high and low noise balance, volume is at a safe level and people in close proximity are audible.

Off close setting SNR: 26dB 

In this mode, the Auditory Regulators tone down harmful noise or very loud sound to a higher degree. Ideal for sleeping if wanting to block out noise and ideal for children who are very sensitive to auditory stimuli, especially those who have a tendency t block their ears with loud noises. At school, it can be very distracting for children who struggle to process auditory input to concentrate on classroom tasks when there is background noise, these Auditory Regulators help to block out any background noise.