Sensory Living Floor Stickers

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Number Stars and Snake Figure of 8




The figure of 8 snake works on multiple skills, see below:

Motor skills:

      • Balance
      • Coordination
      • Building muscle memory
      • Improves attention and concentration
      • Prepares brain for learning
      • Increases communication between to sides of brain
      • Develop focus while performing a task
      • Bilateral coordination


Sensory input:

      • Vestibular input. Walking in circles through space is alerting and stimulating to the vestibular system. If you have purchased more than one path encourage your child to engage in some squatting movements or tip toe walking after vestibular input to regulate the sensory system.



This bright and colourful path was designed to encourage kids to use gross motor movement and coordination skills to step on each number. The bold colours are fun and aesthetically pleasing to children while creating a visual memory for numeracy. This path can also offer an opportunity to assess number fluency, sequencing and mental math in a fun, playful way. You can encourage children to jump to a number and give an answer. Children are more likely to engage if the assessment is play based in addition to the added motivation of completing the sensory motor path.

Motor skills:

      • Leg strength
      • Coordination of upper and lower extremity movements
      • Bilateral coordination
      • Balance
      • Stability and posture
      • Motor learning
      • Overall muscle strength and tone

Sensory input:

    • Proprioception input- when a child uses their muscles and joints (jumping) they are receiving sensory input in the form of proprioception. This is very regulating to the sensory system.
    • Vestibular input- when children jump, move through space especially with their feet off the ground gives vestibular input to the body. This is very alerting to the sensory system.