Welcome to Occupational Therapy ABC an online store providing occupational therapy (OT) boxes containing items for kids with special needs which focus on developing and improving children's functional skills including fine motor skills or handwriting skills. This box also caters for kids of all abilities without particular needs but keen to engage in functional activities. 

The OT boxes are also ideal for parents interested in the development and promotion of functional everyday skills and excellent for children with developmental delays or sensory issues.

The OT Box is the brain child of Aoife Costello. "My inspiration for starting this OT box of functional products stemmed from meeting parents and teachers one to one and their experience of the incredibly long waiting lists both privately and publicly for OT. Resources are scarce and advice or guidance is next to none. I particularly found this to be the case when I set up an online social media platform for OT sharing some tips and tricks on how to engage kids in everyday functional activities" Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on the latest tips to help improve your child's development.

As a hands-on Occupational Therapist Aoife works with children with a variety of abilities from severely disabled to those with minor needs. In her everyday working life Aoife was frequently asked by parents and teachers ‘what activities or toys can I engage my child in at home that will provide therapeutic benefit?’ and often asked by teachers ‘what can help my students concentrate better during tasks and be more regulated throughout the day?’. She found herself frequently giving written lists and recommendations to parents with products that would be helpful to promote functional skills like fine motor, increased attention and sensory regulation.