Sensory Living Floor Stickers

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Sideways Jump, Log Jump and Tip Toe Walking


Engage your kids in this fun sensory motor path which incorporates multiple skills. Start off jumping forwards and side ways working on motor planning, then jump and squat along the logs and end on tip toe walking which allows for self-regulation!


Motor skills:

  • Motor planning
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Balance
  • Posture and stability
  • Motor coordination
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Prepares brain for learning


Sensory input:

  • Proprioception: jumping forwards and sideways stimulates the proprioceptive system by using the muscles and joints in the body. Again proprioception improves body awareness but most importantly it helps to regulate the sensory systems. Tip toe walking gives further proprioceptive input into the body.
  • Vestibular: by hopping, jumping and moving the body through space the vestibular sensory system is stimulated. Vestibular input is alerting to the sensory system therefore this path ends on proprioceptive input to keep the body at a regulated state.